We believe in the power of partnership.

A network of people

The modern world is a complex web of personal relationships, and whether it's through technology, business or local communities, this interaction between people provides the fabric for our society. That's why WongPartnership is just that – a true partnership of exceptional individuals.

The relationships we have with our clients are no different. We don't deal with businesses; we deal with the people in those businesses. Even at the highest level we are dealing with human problems, and our awareness of this has allowed us to earn our place among Singapore's best.

We believe the world is our neighbourhood.

Our international network

In these fast-paced and interconnected times, traditional boundaries haven’t just been redrawn, they have been completely removed. While never losing sight of our core focus and presence in Singapore, WongPartnership has the coverage and expertise to support the international and regional outlook of its clients. Over the last ten years, we have expanded our presence across the region, particularly in Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar, and we are strongly positioned to support clients with their activities in these locations, as well as advising clients from those countries on their transactions and matters in the region.

We offer clients access to lawyers in our offices in Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai and Yangon, and in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur through our associate firms. We also have dedicated lawyers supporting country desks, including in Thailand and India. The benefits for clients working on transactions in these jurisdictions include our relationships with local lawyers, familiarity with local legal developments, and our ability to deploy teams comprising US and UK qualified lawyers.

Our client network

Understanding that a law firm is nothing without its clients explains WongPartnership’s rapid rise to prominence. With clients ranging from multinational corporations in the banking, insurance, hospitality, construction and manufacturing industries to foreign governments, state-owned corporations and international professional firms, we have the knowledge and resources to exceed our clients’ expectations – no matter how high they are.